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Frequently Asked Questions

Yamiba is a fortune reading platform where you can have an online fortune reading experience through real and expert psychics.

First of all, please check your junk/spam folder on your registered email account. First fortune results may be directed to aforementioned folders by email service providers. If you still cannot find your fortune, please contact us through Yamiba Support with your email address.

Since we only have real psychics on our system, there might be delays depending on demand. Average reply rate for readings is 30-40 minutes.

Upon choosing your psychic and fortune reading method and completing payment process, your fortune reading will be sent to your email.

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Psychics can only see your first name, date of birth, gender and your relationship status if added; they do not have access to your email address or your last name.

You may make your payments securely by your credit card or mobile payment options.

Your transactions are secured by SSL certificate. Your card information will be under protection in regards of security processes of banks. Since the payments are made on WireCard and Apple Pay, Yamiba cannot view or save any of your payment information.

Your fortune reading will be sent to your registered email address shortly.

No, you don’t need to be a member, however you need to register your email address.

Yes, Yamiba psychics are real and experienced psychics.

Upon completion of your request, you will receive an autonomous email to your registered email address, if you cannot see it in your inbox, please check your junk/spam folder.

You will receive Apple Billing on your registered address for App Store payments. You will receive a confirmation text for your mobile payments and the amount will be charged your next billing cycle. You may access your bank statement for credit card payments or your bank may send you the billing details to your registered email address.